Class Schedule

Mon.       9 am        Morning Flow          Susan

              530 pm      Yoga 1                        Susan 


Tues.      10 am        Energizing Flow      Michelle

              530 pm      Yoga 1                          Susan

                 7 pm        Intro Series                Susan   

  * (Pre-registration is required for Intro Series)

Wed.       9 am         Morning Flow           Susan

               530 pm      Yoga 1                          TBD


Thurs.     10 am        Energizing Flow     Michelle 

                530 pm      Yoga 1                        TBD

Fri.           9 am         Morning Flow         Michelle


Sat.         930 am     Weekend Reset           TBD

               1030 am     Meditation  (15 min)   TBD

                   11 am       Beginner Yoga            TBD

Sun.         7 pm         Hot Yoga                   Michelle  

* Next Intro series starts July 2nd

* TBD rotates between Susan and Michelle

*You must be 15 years of age or older to practice in our studio.