Class Schedule

Mon.       9 am        Morning Flow          Susan

              530 pm      Yoga 1                        Susan 


Tues.      10 am        Energizing Flow      Michelle

              530 pm      Yoga 1                          Susan

                 7 pm        Intro Series                Susan   

  * (Pre-registration is required for Intro Series)

Wed.       9 am         Morning Flow           Susan

               530 pm      Yoga 1                          TBD


Thurs.     10 am        Energizing Flow     Michelle 

                530 pm      Yoga 1                        TBD

Fri.           9 am         Morning Flow         Michelle

             530 pm        Beginner Hot Yoga  Alesha


Sat.         930 am     Weekend Reset           TBD

               1030 am     Meditation  (15 min)   TBD

                   11 am       Beginner Yoga         Alesha

Sun.        930 am     Slow Flow                  Alesha  

                 7 pm         Hot Yoga                   Michelle  

* Next Intro series starts July 2nd

* TBD rotates between Susan and Michelle

*You must be 15 years of age or older to practice in our studio.